Kevin’s Portal: The Latest News

I have had an extended break from much of my online web presence over the last 6 months, so plenty has changed over that time. Not necessarily intended change on my part, but change there has been. I have had to change hosting companies on some sites, web applications and social networks have come and gone, undergone change, etc. So as try to put all of the pieces together again, I will try and keep things updated on my progress in this Blog.

2 thoughts on “Kevin’s Portal: The Latest News

  1. Thanks Kevin–Here in Alexandria, VA.,USA, 5 miles S.of Pentagon… Found this after Google search for websites relating to Particular Baptists. For a number of years been reading Puritan Classics while in a Southern Baptist Church. Looked for Soverign Grace Baptists nearby but sadly none, but there are a number here in Virginia. The Southern Baptists have a number of congregations that are to some degree or other Calvanistic and some that use the 1689 London Confession of Faith. I myself fully agree with that. May God bless you and your efforts! Duane

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