Fully Functional Site

Well, after many years of frustration the final piece of my web presence has fallen into place. I have always wanted to have a personal profile website where I could post links to all of my online profiles, websites, Blogs, etc. I tried to do this on the cheap by using a free web hosting service and paid what was probably always going to be the price – a lot of down time and the site disappearing without explanation. So finally I have my own domain and have begun hosting the service at the same place as my other sites – should have done this all along. Now I feel I can begin to make real progress right across the board, as I no longer have to be frustrated by changes being unable to be uploaded, etc. My sites are generally knit together to some extent, so this has been a major issue for all of my sites for a long time – not anymore. So time to start making some real progress again.

Kevin’s Portal is now live – again, fully functional (though some links to other places may be dead – I’ll be checking all of these very soon and repairing, replacing or deleting as required) and a continual work in progress as various social networks and web applications appear, meet their end and/or no longer serve a purpose in my world wide web dominion.

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