My Shake Blog – Funny Photos

I have just updated the Blogs page as my mlkshk Blog is soon to close down. This is because mlkshk is closing down. So if interested, see the Blog before it closes for good.

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I have just started (today in fact) using Feedient, which is currently in Beta development. I use Feedient to follow my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube feeds in the one place in real time. I guess this is something of an experiment to see just how this new web application goes – so far, so good.

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Kevin’s Portal – News/Newspapers

I have done a little reviewing and updating of my news/newspapers section of the portal. A few dead links and web applications have been removed. I have also added some links to a couple of Flipboard online magazines I have started.

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Kevin’s Portal – Google+ and Google

I have now added a Google+ and Google page to Kevin’s Portal. Over time this will become a hub for my various Google activities, which will of course tie in with my Google+ Profile and Pages. I’m fairly new to Google+, which may surprise many (including myself). I have had a profile there since very early days of course, but never really used it – trying to rectify that now.

The ‘contents’ column at the left on every page on Kevin’s Portal pages will eventually also have the links to my Google page at Kevin’s Portal – this should be completed over the next week I hope.

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Social Change & Activism

I have been doing a little work on updating the Social Change & Activism page at Kevin’s Portal. I have added links to Avaaz and The Noticer Project, which I think are worthwhile enterprises to be involved with.

I am looking for ways to actively take part in making this world a better place to live in and to be a part of, aside from my Christian activities and responsibilities. 

I hope to find real ways of contributing at the local, regional and national level (and do what I can in a global sense as well), particularly on the environmental side of things. My particular interest here is the conservation and preservation of bushland and wilderness areas.

Of course I do hope to contribute and participate in other areas as well.

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Kevin’s Portal – Activism and Social Change.

My Recent Online Activity – 25 May 2013

I have been hard at it over the last week or so, including here at Kevin’s Portal. This update is just a condensed version of activities relevant to this site.



I have recently signed up to Rootsy, a new genealogy web application that provides a private place on the web for families to build their family tree, record their family history and keep in touch. It’s a fairly basic web application, but I think it has a place and I’ll use it a bit to see if others in the family are interested in joining up over time. Family members can only join as they are added to the family tree and their email address is added.

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Health & Fitness

I don’t usually indulge in sharing this type of information, but because I have made such good progress of late I thought on this occasion I would. I have been usuing various web applications and iPhone apps to track my attempts to loose weight. The graph below records some of that information.



I have also just joined MideoMe, which is a video social network for recording and sharing short videos. I’ll be using it for short Blogging type videos on the MideoMe site itself at this stage, as there is little functionality at this stage for sharing beyong Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. MideoMe is a new startup and is still in the invite only stage.

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My Recent Online Activity – 19 May 2013

I have been quite busy of late – though not directly on the portal site. A lot of my activity online has been around my Blogs and reading interests. Pretty much all of the Blogs have been posted to over the last several weeks, with just a couple that haven’t had any posts at all (those associated with news from actual websites that I still haven’t got around to updating).



I have been slowly adding my books to the Goodreads site and hopefully this will continue – there are so many to add. Of course I have also been updating the books I’m reading as I make progress on them.

The Particular Baptist Reading Group that I host via Goodreads is soon to kick off (at the end of May 2013), so I have a little work to do for that – which I may get finalised today, all going well. This will probably involve yet another Blog, which will make it so much easier to host the content of the reading material for the group. The various discussion points will be hosted at Goodreads I think, or perhaps a combination of the two. I’m quite looking forward to getting this work up and running.

My Goodreads Profile:

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At the BookShelf

At the BookShelf now has its own domain name – which I thought would be a good thing as it is my most popular Blog. I do hope to continue to develop this Blog and grow its user base.

The new domain is:


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Fully Functional

I have now finished the immediate task at hand – the site is all fully functional again. I will be doing a fair bit of updating in the days, weeks, months, etc, to come – adding new sites and content, but that is more fun than work.

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