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5 thoughts on “GUESTBOOK

  1. I too would like to chat with you about the faith and the church. At present I am a part-time pastor with Redeemer Christian Congregation in Baltimore. We too are strongly Calvinistic. At one time we were Presbyterian, but gave that up. So we are looking for a direction.

    So … what is the difference between Particular Baptists and Primitive Baptists?

  2. Just came across the pictures you have from Palestine in 1936, what unit did your grandfather serve with. My great grand uncle Edgar Clifford Lewis was with C Company 6 Bn Royal Tank Corps. He won a Military Medal during his time in Palestine.

    • Hi – I must have forgotten to reply to this. Sorry. I don’t know what unit my grandfather served in. It is something I hope to look into when I have some time to do so.

  3. G’day Kevin! This is some website you’ve created! I’d like to chat with you about Faith and Church. Let’s bring more fruit to the Lord!

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