My Recent Online Activity – 19 May 2013

I have been quite busy of late – though not directly on the portal site. A lot of my activity online has been around my Blogs and reading interests. Pretty much all of the Blogs have been posted to over the last several weeks, with just a couple that haven’t had any posts at all (those associated with news from actual websites that I still haven’t got around to updating).



I have been slowly adding my books to the Goodreads site and hopefully this will continue – there are so many to add. Of course I have also been updating the books I’m reading as I make progress on them.

The Particular Baptist Reading Group that I host via Goodreads is soon to kick off (at the end of May 2013), so I have a little work to do for that – which I may get finalised today, all going well. This will probably involve yet another Blog, which will make it so much easier to host the content of the reading material for the group. The various discussion points will be hosted at Goodreads I think, or perhaps a combination of the two. I’m quite looking forward to getting this work up and running.

My Goodreads Profile:

The Particular Baptist Reading Group:


At the BookShelf

At the BookShelf now has its own domain name – which I thought would be a good thing as it is my most popular Blog. I do hope to continue to develop this Blog and grow its user base.

The new domain is:


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