Video Page Update

The video page at ‘Kevin’s Portal’ has been updated and now includes my Periscope profile.

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Kevin’s Portal: A Lot More Done

I have been able to have a close look at most of the site now, removed dead links, etc. I think it’s fair to say that the site (Kevin’s Portal) is pretty much up-to-date for the time being, as far as what was already there anyway. I have a lot of new stuff to add in coming days and weeks, but the basic site is all there and working now. It wouldn’t surprise me if there is something that was missed, but most will be right.

Fully Functional Site

Well, after many years of frustration the final piece of my web presence has fallen into place. I have always wanted to have a personal profile website where I could post links to all of my online profiles, websites, Blogs, etc. I tried to do this on the cheap by using a free web hosting service and paid what was probably always going to be the price – a lot of down time and the site disappearing without explanation. So finally I have my own domain and have begun hosting the service at the same place as my other sites – should have done this all along. Now I feel I can begin to make real progress right across the board, as I no longer have to be frustrated by changes being unable to be uploaded, etc. My sites are generally knit together to some extent, so this has been a major issue for all of my sites for a long time – not anymore. So time to start making some real progress again.

Kevin’s Portal is now live – again, fully functional (though some links to other places may be dead – I’ll be checking all of these very soon and repairing, replacing or deleting as required) and a continual work in progress as various social networks and web applications appear, meet their end and/or no longer serve a purpose in my world wide web dominion.

And We’re Back Again

Finally, the site is back up again, though at a new domain – it will take a while to get everything back up again, but I am working on it. It will take even more time to have this new domain name across all my sites, but the end result will be worth it. Getting there.

Kevin’s Portal – News/Newspapers

I have done a little reviewing and updating of my news/newspapers section of the portal. A few dead links and web applications have been removed. I have also added some links to a couple of Flipboard online magazines I have started.

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My Recent Online Activity – 25 May 2013

I have been hard at it over the last week or so, including here at Kevin’s Portal. This update is just a condensed version of activities relevant to this site.



I have recently signed up to Rootsy, a new genealogy web application that provides a private place on the web for families to build their family tree, record their family history and keep in touch. It’s a fairly basic web application, but I think it has a place and I’ll use it a bit to see if others in the family are interested in joining up over time. Family members can only join as they are added to the family tree and their email address is added.

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Health & Fitness

I don’t usually indulge in sharing this type of information, but because I have made such good progress of late I thought on this occasion I would. I have been usuing various web applications and iPhone apps to track my attempts to loose weight. The graph below records some of that information.



I have also just joined MideoMe, which is a video social network for recording and sharing short videos. I’ll be using it for short Blogging type videos on the MideoMe site itself at this stage, as there is little functionality at this stage for sharing beyong Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. MideoMe is a new startup and is still in the invite only stage.

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Evernote: My Go Everywhere Memory & Favourite App

Evernote is my go everywhere memory and as such is my favourite and go to app. It is the best software I have ever come across and that I value the most. However it is not just one product or app now, there are a range of apps that are constantly being improved and seemingly added to. It is an exciting journey of discovery with Evernote and their various apps when you use them all of the time – you never know when the next update will become available or when a new app will be released.

It is difficult to describe why I love Evernote and what I use it for. There seems to be a myriad of ways to use Evernote and discovering a new use is just another of the attractions of Evernote. It seems to be an app that is perpetually making my life easier and clutter free even. Evernote can be used on a whole variety of apps and syncs across them all. A truly fantastic tool.

However, along with most of my web applications and apps, I have fallen behind in my use of Evernote and have a bit of catch up to do. In order for me to achieve this I am turning to the Evernote Blog and the podcasts that provide fantastic updates across all of the apps, uses for the various apps, etc. I am very keen to have a good grasp of the various apps and to have an ability to use them all to their full. They really do make life easier.

So currently I am listening to the podcasts (many of them again – they are entertaining in themselves) and reading the blog posts.

The videos will provide a bit of an introduction to Evernote. I highly recommend becoming familiar with the various Evernote apps and making them a part of your own life, productivity and organisation.

The videos below are by no means the end of the Evernote range of products and tools, but they do provide a good introduction to many of them.